About Us

Edgi is where students go to learn about the issues that matter most to our future.

Our Mission

To create spaces for open and informed dialogue on the issues that matter.

The world is changing quickly. Technology that promised to connect and enlighten us has also stolen our attention, fed us misinformation, and divided us. Technological progress and economic growth have helped to lift millions out of poverty, but have also created new challenges — like global warming, polarizing income inequality, and the risk posed by technology itself — that threaten our collective prosperity.

For the first time in human history, we possess a startling power over our future, but it is not entirely clear whether we know how to wield it. We believe rethinking education from first principles is the only way we can secure a bright future for humanity.

At edgi we are pioneering a new kind of learning, one that takes full advantage of the opportunities enabled by technology, yet is based on the rich human connections and vibrant community that are essential for a lasting education.

Mira, edgi student

Our values

Interdisciplinary Learning

At school subjects are often siloed into distinct disciplines, but the world is messy and interconnected. It’s much more fun, and effective, to explore the world as it truly is.

Student Agency

We know students are more capable than most people think. We empower students to have agency over their learning with student-led discussions & open dialogue.

Future Focused

We believe students should learn about issues relevant to the world we actually live in, not the world presented in your 8th grade history textbook.

Play & Experimentation

We encourage students to go on tangents and explore multiple perspectives in our programs. This sense of play often leads to the most interesting conversations.

Our Team

Josh Shapiro

Co-founder & CEO

Josh teaches courses at NYU on creativity, technology, and the future of work. He worked on the digital staff for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign.

Tinsley Maier

Co-founder & CPO

As a director at eChalk, Tinsley built accessible websites for NYC public schools. She graduated from NYU Gallatin with a focus on education & the future of work.

Aashay Mody

Co-founder & COO

Aashay graduated from NYU Stern with a focus on finance & international business. He has previously led marketing teams at startups like Astro (acq. by Slack), Carta, and Anvil.

Dohee Kim

Program Manager

Dohee graduated from NYU Steinhardt with a BA in Education Studies. She specialized in Education Policy and Social Entrepreneurship.