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What's the time commitment?
You'll meet with your squad for hour-long discussions 2x/wk - prep work takes less than an hour each week. Social events are optional (but lots of fun).
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Is this program for me?
Maybe! If you're a high school student in grade 9-12, then yes - this program is for you. If you have any questions, reach out to our program manager Dohee.
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Can I get academic credit?
Sure, it's possible! Talk to your guidance counselor to see if an edgi program could count towards your graduation requirements. We've seen students get independent study and elective credits.
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Who leads the live discussion sessions?
Except for pilot programs (which are creator-led), edgi discussion sessions are led by students. Once you've taken an edgi program you may be invited to participate in our discussion leader training program, where you'll learn content on a deeper level and practice facilitating discussions. Select students from our training program are then chosen to become discussion leaders.
Still have questions? Email our awesome program manager Dohee atdohee@edgilearning.com