Prepare your kids for a rapidly changing world

Students are entering a world defined by exponential technological progress and rapid socio-political change. Edgi empowers students to grapple with these transformations and prepares them for an uncertain future.

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Why edgi?


Future-oriented content

Edgi programs are focused on content that is not taught in school but is relevant to our lives. Students learn about topics like artificial intelligence and modern-day capitalism.


Student-led community

Community is at the heart of the edgi experience. Except for new courses, discussion sessions are led by students trained in active listening, community-building, confidence, and vulnerability.


21st-century skills

Edgi programs are specifically designed to help students develop the skills they need to succeed today, like communication, critical thinking, curiosity, and open-mindedness.

Hear what parents say about edgi

"Edgi really helps open kids’ minds in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be and they will take that mindset to whatever they do. You’re teaching them how to think, how to learn, and how to explore in ways that aren’t just like getting to the test and passing it. The program is educating them to be curious thinkers, critical thinkers, to question, to argue different points of view, and to be able to see things from different perspectives.”


Parent of 11th grade edgi student

"It's not taking notes on something and then spitting back what you've said, which I think we all know, is not the way you learn. I think it definitely stimulates [my daughter]; it makes her think and exposes her to material that she probably wouldn't necessarily stumble on on her own."


Parent of 9th grade edgi student

"[My son] loved the class. He felt intellectually challenged and loved talking to people of like mind and intellect. I thought it was fantastic. I love what my son told me about and he would like to take another class. I'm very happy and my son will be signing up for more classes."


Parent of 10th grade edgi student