Prepare your kids for a rapidly changing world

Students are entering a world defined by rapid technological progress and sociopolitical change. Edgi empowers students to grapple with these transformations and prepares them for an uncertain future.

At edgi, students learn skills relevant to the future of work

Critical Thinking

...and practice other skills they’ll use throughout their lives

Active Listening
Community Building

In a world where students have immediate access to the world’s information at their fingertips, the old model of memorization and regurgitation is simply insufficient.

Hear what parents say about edgi

"Edgi really helps open kids’ minds in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be and they will take that mindset to whatever they do. You’re teaching them how to think, how to learn, and how to explore in ways that aren’t just like getting to the test and passing it. The program is educating them to be curious thinkers, critical thinkers, to question, to argue different points of view, and to be able to see things from different perspectives.”


Parent of 11th grade edgi student

"It's not taking notes on something and then spitting back what you've said, which I think we all know, is not the way you learn. I think it definitely stimulates [my daughter]; it makes her think and exposes her to material that she probably wouldn't necessarily stumble on on her own."


Parent of 9th grade edgi student

"[My son] loved the class. He felt intellectually challenged and loved talking to people of like mind and intellect. I thought it was fantastic. I love what my son told me about and he would like to take another class. I'm very happy and my son will be signing up for more classes."


Parent of 10th grade edgi student

At edgi students join a community where they explore and develop their perspectives in a safe and open environment.

"I love that edgi is sooo different from a school learning experience. Its amazing how we read up then come together to discuss concepts and real-world situations."


10th Grade, India

"After every edgi session I'm in a better mood, want to talk to people, and sometimes just feel like doing my homework and actually using my brain."


11th Grade, Massachusetts, USA

And actually get excited about learning - they may even want to do their homework 😉


Edgi competes with the time students spend messing around on TikTok and YouTube or playing video games.

...and practice other skills they’ll use throughout their lives

Why student-led discussions?

Something magical happens when students have the space to talk about issues that matter to them without the pressure that comes with having adults in the room. When discussions are peer-led, the classic classroom dynamic of rebelling against an authority figure goes away.

At edgi, students openly share and develop their perspectives with other students from around the world. Students crave the meaningful social opportunities edgi offers - we're competing with the time students spend messing around on TikTok and YouTube or playing video games.

Outcomes we care about


Conversational Confidence

Your child will have the confidence to talk about that program’s topics and a better understanding of their perspective on those issues. They’ll likely even be able to teach you a thing or two!


Sense of Belonging

With the rise of social media, and especially in the wake of COVID-19, students are feeling isolated and disconnected. At edgi we create spaces where all students feel like they belong.


College & Career Ready

Colleges are looking for applicants who show passion for something they care about. Edgi helps students get an edge - we’ve had students write about edgi in their college essays and get in.