Capitalism & the Economy

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In this course you'll explore some of the benefits and dilemmas presented by capitalism. You’ll learn about the stock market and basics of investing, debate the social and ethical implications of rising income inequality, and explore what money really means in the 21st century.

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June 28 - August 6

$500 for 6 weeks

Grades 9 - 12

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Course Breakdown

Weekly topics and terms you'll know by the end of the course

Week 1: Economic Systems

What’s the difference between socialism, capitalism, and communism?


Week 2: Forms of Capitalism

What are the various forms of capitalism?

Free-Market Capitalism
State Capitalism
Welfare Capitalism

Week 3: Capital & the Market

How does the stock market work?

Stock market
Compound Interest

Week 4: Money

What is the value of money and how does the economy work?

National Debt

Week 5: The Problems and Challenges

If capitalism is broken, what are the problems?

Income inequality

Week 6: Moving Forward

Exploring the future of capitalism & the economy.

"This course is a lot more interesting than school. You can think about topics in your own way, a way that works for you."

- Gavin, 11th Grader at Monument HS

"I would completely recommend it to anyone. The conversations are so deep and interesting."

- Emily, 10th Grader at Monument HS

"I feel 10x more comfortable in the edgi discussion calls than I do on the school ones."

- Elena, 9th Grader at Wahconah HS

How it works

Meet your course creator

Josh Shapiro, edgi Co-founder and NYU professor

Josh teaches several courses on creativity, technology, and the future of work at New York University. Josh previously worked on the digital staff for Andrew Yang's presidential campaign.


What's the time commitment?
You'll meet with your squad for hour-long discussions 2x/wk - prep work takes less than an hour each week. Social events are optional (but lots of fun).
How much does it cost?
Capitalism & the Economy is $500 for a 6-week program ($42/session). Socials and access to Discord are free for the edgi community.
Can I get academic credit?
Sure, it's possible! Talk to your guidance counselor to see if an edgi program could count towards your graduation requirements. We've seen students get independent study and elective credits.
Who leads the live discussion sessions?
Discussion sessions for this program are led by Josh. Once you've taken an edgi program you may be invited to participate in our discussion leader training program, where you'll learn content on a deeper level and practice facilitating discussions. Select students from our training program are then chosen to become paid discussion leaders for future squads.
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