June 28 - August 6

$250 for 6 weeks

Grades 9 - 12

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"This course is a lot more interesting than school. You can think about topics in your own way, a way that works for you."

- Gavin, 11th Grader at Monument HS

"I would completely recommend it to anyone. The conversations are so deep and interesting."

- Emily, 10th Grader at Monument HS

"I feel 10x more comfortable in the edgi discussion calls than I do on the school ones."

- Elena, 9th Grader at Wahconah HS

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Exponential trends

To understand the social implications of technological progress, you’ll explore the accelerating rate of change in our society. What does it mean to live in a world defined by exponential growth?

Exponential Growth
Fermi Paradox
Law of Accelerating Returns

Week 2: The implications of artificial intelligence

Learn about the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and understand how to recognize AI in your daily encounters. Ask yourself: how do algorithms influence your decision-making?

Machine Learning v. Rule-Based Systems
Narrow AI v. General AI

Week 3: The future of work

Many experts believe we will soon face job displacement and mass unemployment due to automation. As more and more jobs are replaced with machines, how do you prepare for an environment where the only constant is change?

Unemployment Rate
4th Industrial Revolution

Week 4: The meaning of work

For better or worse, humans often derive a sense of purpose from work. What happens when we are no longer obligated to work? Can policies like universal basic income help society and the economy adapt?

Productivity & Great Decoupling
Capitalism v. Socialism
Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Week 5: Exponential technologies

Technologies like augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics, biotech, and blockchain will soon reshape our lives in profound ways. What will these technologies look like in 10 years?

Mixed Reality (MR)
CRISPR Gene Editing

Week 6: Educating for the future

Changes driven by exponential technological progress mean that we don’t know what the jobs of the future will look like. Given the uncertainty, what should you actually be learning in school today?

Emotional Intelligence

How it works

Meet your course creator

Josh Shapiro, edgi Co-founder and NYU professor

Josh teaches several courses on creativity, technology, and the future of work at New York University. Josh also worked on Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign where he got an inside view on how technology is changing the lives of millions of Americans.


What's the time commitment?

You'll meet with your squad for hour-long discussion sessions 2x/wk. Prep work takes less than an hour each week. Social events are optional (but lots of fun).

How much does it cost?

Technology & the Future of Work is $250 for a 6-week program ($21/session). Socials and access to Discord are free for the edgi community.

Can I get academic credit?

Sure, it's possible! Talk to your guidance counselor to see if an edgi program could count towards your graduation requirements. We've seen students get independent study and elective credits.

Who leads the live discussion sessions?

Discussion sessions for this program are led by students. Once you've taken an edgi program you may be invited to participate in our discussion leader training program, where you'll learn content on a deeper level and practice facilitating discussions. Select students from our training program are then chosen to become paid discussion leaders.

Still have questions? Email our awesome program manager Dohee atdohee@edgilearning.com