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🤖 Automation & the Future of Work

In this program, you'll explore the social and ethical implications of advancing technology and automation. You'll analyze how we view work as a society, what work means to us as individuals, and discuss possible solutions to automation and mass unemployment.

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4 weeks


Grades 9-12

4 weeks


Grades 9-12

Low Time Commitment

Edgi is your place to escape and chill - you'll meet with your squad for just an hour twice a week.

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10th Grade, MA, USA

Program Breakdown

Weekly topics and terms you'll know by the end of the program

Week 1: The Rise of the Robots

What can robots do better than humans? Is automation a good thing or a bad thing? Can all jobs be automated?

Self Driving Cars
Robotic Surgery

Week 2: The Meaning of Work

How might our values change with the rise of automation? If you had a choice, would you choose to work? Would advances in technology create new job opportunities?

Protestant Work Ethic
The Great Resignation
Creator Economy

Week 3: Education for the Future

Are the skills being taught in school relevant in the 21st century? What are uniquely human traits that will be hard to replicate for robots? How do we prepare for the future of work?

Emotional Intelligence

Week 4: The Economic Impact

What happens to the economy if workers don’t have disposable income? Will automation exacerbate economic inequality? How do we support workers who are displaced by automation?

Means of Production
Productivity-Pay Gap
Universal Basic Income

How it works

1. Weekly Prep

Start your week with a series of fun, short videos made by the edgi team. Then dive deeper by choosing from curated resources like podcasts, videos, and articles.

2. Live discussions

Twice a week, join discussion sessions with your squad. Hear different perspectives and wrestle with the biggest issues facing our future.

3. Socials & events

Get to know people in other squads and make new friends at virtual socials like game nights, piña colada parties, bake-offs, movie watch parties, and more.

Meet the program creator

Josh Shapiro, edgi co-founder and NYU professor

Josh teaches several courses on creativity, technology, and the future of work at New York University. Josh previously worked on the digital staff for Andrew Yang's presidential campaign.

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Squads run for 4 weeks and are open to students in grades 9-12

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