Students 💛 edgi

What students have to say

"I was under the impression remote learning simply didn’t work, but edgi proved that to be wrong. I joined the class with the intent to explore remote learning and see if it was really possible and ended it with a discussion about the truth and reality of our world."


10th Grade Student, Monument Mountain HS

"In edgi everyone is really nice and we can bounce off of each other's ideas which keeps lots of ideas swirling around to think about. I think we all share a lot of opinions and ideas so it's nice to hear it from other people to see how they say what they think."


10th Grade Student, Lenox Memorial HS

"I formed close friendships remotely and had an outlet for the questions that traditional schooling hasn’t provided answers to. Edgi...expanded my concept on what education has the potential to be. In doing so I have re-evaluated what is important and engaging to me and developed a deeper confidence in myself."


12th Grade Student, Monument Mountain HS

Why edgi?


Topics that matter

Edgi programs are focused on topics relevant to your life. You’ll learn about things like artificial intelligence, automation, and capitalism in the 21st century.


Discussions and socials

Community is at the heart of the edgi experience. You’ll learn through discussion sessions with your squad and meet other squads at game nights, bakeoffs, and more.


No adults allowed

Except for new courses, edgi discussion sessions are student-led. As an alum, you’ll have the opportunity to become a discussion leader for the next cohort and get paid for it.

"It's a lot more interesting than school. You can think about topics in your own way, a way that works for you."

- Gavin, 11th Grader at Monument HS

"I would completely recommend it to anyone. The conversations are so deep and interesting."

- Emily, 10th Grader at Monument HS

"I feel 10x more comfortable in the edgi discussion calls than I do on the school ones."

- Elena, 9th Grader at Wahconah HS