We know the feeling

The world is moving quickly, there’s enormous pressure on you to figure out what you want to do in life and pursue your dreams, and yet you’re stuck learning about frog pee or regurgitating the year the Treaty of Versailles was signed. 🤠

"I love that edgi is sooo different from a school learning experience."


10th Grade, India

"I would completely recommend it to anyone. The conversations are so deep and interesting."


11th Grade, MA, USA

"I feel 10x more comfortable in edgi discussion calls than I do on school ones."


10th Grade, MA, USA

Edgi is different from anything you’ve experienced before.

There’s no better way to say it. At edgi, there is no pressure. There are no grades, there are no tests. We intentionally cut all of that out, because it turns out it doesn’t help you learn anyway.

Think of edgi as your place to escape & chill, where you just happen to learn more in 4 weeks than school teaches you in a year.

Students 💛 edgi

What three words would you use to describe edgi?

"Inspiring. fun. social."

- Ceci, 11th Grade, Massachusetts, USA

What students have to say

"I was under the impression remote learning simply didn’t work, but edgi proved that to be wrong. I joined the class with the intent to explore remote learning and see if it was really possible and ended it with a discussion about the truth and reality of our world."


10th Grade Student, Monument Mountain HS

"In edgi everyone is really nice and we can bounce off of each other's ideas which keeps lots of ideas swirling around to think about. I think we all share a lot of opinions and ideas so it's nice to hear it from other people to see how they say what they think."


10th Grade Student, Lenox Memorial HS

"I formed close friendships remotely and had an outlet for the questions that traditional schooling hasn’t provided answers to. Edgi...expanded my concept on what education has the potential to be. In doing so I have re-evaluated what is important and engaging to me and developed a deeper confidence in myself."


12th Grade Student, Monument Mountain HS


It’s the best way to prepare for college or your career.

The truth is the best way to stand out in college applications is also the best way to prepare for your career - figure out what you’re passionate about. Increasingly schools are looking beyond grades & test scores. They want to know more about you, and what drives you.

And you actually learn things that matter to your future.

🚘 Have you ever thought about what self-driving cars will do to the economy?
🧬 Or the impact gene editing will have on wealth inequality?
💸 What about the ethics of capitalism, or the chances humanity goes extinct in your lifetime?

These are the questions that will determine your future, and you explore them at edgi.